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DUI Lawyer in Pittsburgh

In the Pittsburgh area, allegations of DUI are taken very seriously by state prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. Because these cases are aggressively prosecuted, you need the legal help of Farrell & Associates on your side. Our 24 years of experience has shown us that the only defenses that work are those that take every detail of the incident into account. Our firm works very closely with you, ensuring we have all the details and fully understand your DUI case and how to best represent you. After this, we will guide you every step of the way in order to make your Pittsburgh trial move forward.

At Farrell & Associates, we take on DUI cases for clients all over the Pittsburgh area. We have a major focus on these cases in the Pittsburgh area. With 24 years of experience dealing with these DUI cases, we have learned how to bring a delicate touch to our clients while taking an aggressive approach in the courtroom.

If you are facing charges for a crime in the Pittsburgh area, you do not have to feel alone in your current situation. Farrell & Associates is here to help you out of this crossroad in your life. We can help come up with a defense for your DUI case that will work to your advantage. Do not risk facing jail time in the Pittsburgh area. The choice is clear; you need the help of an experienced attorney from Farrell & Associates. We are here to help. 

Your DUI case may seem like an insurmountable task, but with an experienced defense team at your side in Pittsburgh you may soon be seeing a positive light on your chances. With 24 years working with clients throughout the area, Farrell & Associates invites you to give us a call at (412) 201-5159 and learn how we can improve the chances of your case. 

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