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Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Criminal Attorney in Greentree

Farrell & Associates can help you prepare an efficient and smart defense to present in court when facing trial for your criminal charge. We have a track record of helping Greentree clients through the litigation process and coming to successful results such as reduction of jail time, reduced fines, and even dropped charges. 

At Farrell & Associates, we defend residents of the Greentree area who have been accused of crimes ranging form battery to assault and even murder. Criminal charges can be by the state even if the victim did not wish to press charges. Greentree law usually result in someone innocent being prosecuted simply because they were at the scene of a crime. Make sure your rights are defended and you have the experience of Farrell & Associates on your side during your criminal case. 

At Farrell & Associates, we work hard to get our Greentree clients the best-case results in their criminal case. Over many years of working on these matters, we have had many successful outcomes for our clients. Our duty is to provide you with knowledgeable and effective representation towards your criminal case. We are here to serve you. 

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