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Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Felony Lawyer in Greensburg

Have you been charged with a felony matter of offense in Greensburg? At Farrell & Associates, we can help litigate for you in a court of law that serves the Greensburg area.

At Farrell & Associates, our goal is to inform our Greensburg clients of their options and to position them as favorably as possible for their felony case. We do not want them to be simple bystanders in their own felony case, instead we prefer them to be active in the research areas so they can gain intimate knowledge of the procedures and everything that is happening.

At Farrell & Associates, we value each of our clients because we know that each new opportunity to help someone is an opportunity to improve ourselves as a felony firm. We also keep communication open at all times with our Greensburg clients in order to make sure you are aware of everything that is happening.

Farrell & Associates is ready to work with you!

We want to provide you with a defense that you can trust at your felony hearing. We put our 24 years of experience towards ensuring that you are receiving nothing less than an outstanding defense. To work with our Greensburg team, give us a call at (412) 201-5159 and we will get started on your goals together. 

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