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Possession Lawyer in Fox Chapel

Our possession firm will fill you in on the order it takes to convict, it is the prosecutions burden to prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our job at Farrell & Associates is to use our 24 years, knowledge and skill set to flesh out weaknesses in the governments case. For instance, if our possession approach can prove police violated your rights in anyway, we will work with due diligence to have the court throw out the evidence and dismiss the charges. If your case results in a trial before a judge or jury or in a negotiated plea deal, Farrell & Associates  will do their best to fight for your rights within the Fox Chapel area.

Farrell & Associates will immediately immerse ourselves in the specific details of your case. Farrell & Associates is trained to always be focused and ready to ask follow up questions about the circumstances surrounding your possession case. Representing our clients as they face their possession case is something that Farrell & Associates takes seriously. We will not just tell you what we think you should do, but educate you on all the issues surrounding your possession legal situation and help you decide what is right for you.

The mission of our possession law office in Fox Chapel is to give each case the individual attention it deserves. We in Fox Chapel use our knowledge to fully research and investigate every case, finding the best possible legal strategies to defend you. For 24 years, Farrell & Associates has been defending the rights of those facing charges in Fox Chapel. As a client and member of the family at Farrell & Associates in Fox Chapel, you can sleep easy knowing someone is on your side fighting for you. With our Fox Chapel possession, you know you will have people working hard towards a successful resolution to your case.

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Farrell & Associates wants to provide you with a defense to help you get through your possession case in Fox Chapel. Give us a call today at (412) 201-5159 and see how we can help you. 

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