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Legal Defense for Assault Charges

Bar fights, a domestic disagreement, road rage — any of these situations can result in thrown punches and criminal assault charges. A situation that begins with a verbal argument can get out of hand, and if the police get involved, assault charges are almost sure to follow.

Conviction on criminal assault charges can carry fines and a possible jail or prison sentence, depending on the nature of the charges, especially whether the assault is charged as a misdemeanor or felony.

Protect your criminal record and your freedom by retaining experienced criminal defense attorneys to provide a strong defense against assault or domestic violence charges.

Farrell & Associates, Attorneys at Law — Downtown Pittsburgh

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Farrell & Associates, Attorneys at Law, have decades of criminal law practice under their belt. Our law firm represents clients from throughout Western Pennsylvania charged with assault or spousal abuse.

Former District Attorneys With Extensive Criminal Law Experience

Thomas N. Farrell began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney of the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office and was also a Deputy Attorney General of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

“Our early legal careers increase our effectiveness as criminal defense lawyers. We know, from experience, how the district attorney’s office operates, and how assault cases are prosecuted.” — Attorney Thomas N. Farrell of Farrell & Associates, Attorneys at Law

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