Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer

Criminal Defense for DUI Charges

In our experience, drivers arrested on DUI charges sometimes refuse to fight the charges out of embarrassment or shame. This is one of the biggest mistakes a driver can make. Even a first-time DUI conviction carries serious penalties — in the form of a suspended driver’s license, court costs, fines, fees for driver’s education courses and increased insurance rates.

Even drivers arrested on first-time drunk-driving charges should consider the benefits of hiring a DUI defense lawyer to help mitigate the consequences. And commercial drivers or drivers facing a second or third DUI conviction should seek legal advice as soon as possible — because the potential criminal penalties for commercial drivers or multiple DUI offenders can be extremely serious, including jail time and a lengthy driver’s license suspension.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Downtown Pittsburgh

Farrell & Associates, Attorneys at Law, is a downtown Pittsburgh law firm providing criminal defense legal services to individuals throughout Western Pennsylvania. At Farrell & Associates, criminal defense — including defense of DUI and other alcohol-related crimes — is the primary focus of our practice. In addition to DUI defense, we handle charges related to underage drinking crimes and all cases in which alcohol use or abuse may be a factor.

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling DUI defense on behalf of individuals from all walks of life. We use our well-honed legal skills in a focused effort to mitigate the negative consequences of a drunk-driving arrest.

Former Prosecutors Who Understand the Criminal Justice System

At Farrell & Associates, Thomas N. Farrell is a former Assistant District Attorney of the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office and a Deputy Attorney General of the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General. Our clients benefit from our experience on both sides of the criminal justice system. Because we have worked on both sides of DUI cases, we understand how the district attorney’s office operates, which helps us build a strong defense for our clients.

Free and Confidential Initial Consultations

At Farrell & Associates, we offer a free and confidential initial consultation to all new potential clients. Our offices are in downtown Pittsburgh, one block from the Allegheny County Courthouse, near the First Avenue T stop. Ample parking lots are located in the area.

To schedule an appointment, call toll-free, (412) 201-5159, or send an e-mail.