Pittsburgh Grand Jury Indictment Lawyer

If you have received a subpoena to appear before a grand jury in Pennsylvania, you need a lawyer. A grand jury in the Commonwealth is a powerful investigative tool to require testimony and documents and records to be made available. Few people, even lawyers, are familiar with the procedures of this body, and you could easily become the focus of a criminal charge, or perjury charges.

These proceedings are secret. You will be put under oath and required to give testimony, but you have certain rights that we will explain to you.

There are many differences between a federal grand jury and a Pennsylvania grand jury. In Pennsylvania, you do have a right to have counsel present and you have a right to refrain from giving testimony that incriminates you. However, if you are granted immunity, that testimony could not be used against you and you will be required to testify. Records such as your bank account and credit card statements may be subpoenaed. The prosecutors asking questions in a grand jury already know what the answers should be.

Pittsburgh Grand Jury Indictment Attorney

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Attorney Thomas N. Farrell has decades of experience routinely handling cases involving Commonwealth grand juries. He can advise you on what to expect, and how to avoid being charged in the affair. If you are charged, you will need an advocate to minimize those charges. He can advise you of your rights before, during and after testifying. You need a Pittsburgh grand jury indictment attorney who will be with you every step of the way. Contact our firm today. Mr. Farrell is a former prosecutor with the Office of the Attorney General and is very familiar with handling grand jury cases.

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