Pittsburgh Homicide by Vehicle Attorney

Auto accidents happen all the time. It is a tragedy when someone is killed. The tragedy is compounded when another party is accused of causing the accident and charged with a serious offense such as homicide by vehicle.

Often the person charged is accused of having been intoxicated, leading to the accident, but that is not necessary for conviction. The Commonwealth has the burden to prove at least three elements in these cases. They must show that you were driving a vehicle involved; that the accident was caused by your improper driving; and that the death resulted from the accident.

It can be difficult to prove all these related elements. As your lawyer, our goal is to preventit.

As in any motor vehicle accident, there is a great deal of physical evidence, including that:

  • On the roadway
  • In the condition of the vehicles
  • In the specific injuries

Both the prosecution and we, your defense team, will thoroughly examine the scene and all evidence against you and exonerating you. There may be witness testimony. An autopsy may be helpful to one side or the other.

What results will either be a strong case against you that a jury might believe and convict you on, or a weaker case allowing us to negotiate a reduction of charges or penalties. It is possible we can call into question the entire case against you and charges would not be filed.

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Do not lose hope — contact our firm immediately to arrange a consultation with Pittsburgh homicide by vehicle lawyer Thomas N. Farrell. Mr. Farrell is a former assistant district attorney of Allegheny County. He is death-penalty certified by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, which requires a rigorous professional review of years of experience, number of trials handled and compliance with continuing education requirements.

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