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Underage Drinking

Pittsburgh Underage Drinking Defense Attorney

Pennsylvania is pretty tough on underage drinking, even if you did not drive a car or have an accident. You can lose your driver’s license even if driving was not a factor. Fines and community service are likely upon conviction. A second offense could result in a year’s suspension of your license.

The legal drinking age in the Commonwealth is 21, and there is a policy of zero tolerance. A common scenario is an outdoor keg party, or even a party in a private home. Police arrive and start to make wholesale arrests.

To convict you of possessing alcohol, police and prosecutors need to prove you personally were in possession or control of the beer, wine or other alcoholic beverage. Our job as your attorneys is to not only cast doubt on any case or evidence against you, but to protect your constitutional rights and right to be treated fairly. We will also try to obtain a result which will keep you from losing your license.

Underage DUI

It gets even more harsh behind the wheel. While the blood alcohol content limit for adults is .08, even .02 percent is enough to charge a minor with DUI. Police may charge you if you have alcohol on your breath.

Pittsburgh Underage Drinking Defense Lawyer

Pennsylvania minor consumption lawyer Thomas N. Farrell is a former assistant district attorney of Allegheny County. Our goals will be to avoid charges being brought, or to reduce charges and potential penalties.

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