Pittsburgh White Collar Crime Attorney

White collar crime investigations can go on for months. Unfortunately, you may be the last to know it is going on. Prosecutors have the resources in these cases to carry out months of intensive work before bringing charges, or even speaking to the ultimate target of the case.

By interviewing a widening circle of people, information may be gathered to indict multiple defendants, perhaps dragging you in, although you were not the initial suspect.

Consult a lawyer immediately, before making what you think are harmless remarks — they’re not.

Before even obtaining search warrants or subpoenas for documents and records, damaging information can be obtained. Investigators may tell you that you are not the subject of the investigation. You may indeed be, or may become a defendant. What you say could be misinterpreted, or deliberately interpreted in a way to charge you.

Violations of federal law are a frequent basis for a white collar criminal investigation. The use of interstate commerce or communication brings federal investigators into a case. Common fraud cases include real estate fraud, tax fraud or insurance fraud. Other white collar matters include embezzlement, money laundering and identity theft.

Pittsburgh White Collar Crime Lawyer

Thomas N. Farrell is a former assistant district attorney for Allegheny County. He offers decades of experience, conducts frequent seminars for other defense attorneys, and is dedicated to you from the moment you retain the firm.

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